Hi, I'm Radu Cristian Bosneag

Full-stack JS developer from Bucharest, Romania


About meRadu-Cristian Bosneag36Bucharest, Romaniarbosneag@gmail.comGMT+2Languages85%98%25%100%15%

Experienced Web Developer with a passion for learning, freelancer for the past 3 years. Specialized in front-end application development mainly using AngularJS and vanilla JS, website design using LESS, SASS, HTML, CSS and Grunt for devel (you know, unit testing, minifying, autoprefix, project building and deployment, etc), and back-end development using NodeJS with a preference for the KOA framework. Also proficient with SQL and noSQL databases, usual design patterns and many tools critical to successful web and apps development. Accustomed with Nginx and server side configuration.

I enjoy both coffee and beer, meeting new people, travelling and mountain hiking.

I hate repetitive tasks, washing the dishes and lying.

PROsLove to learn new stuffTeam playerGoal OrientedVery creativeEntrepreneurial SkillsCONsHate to repeat stuffGet bored on trivial thingsEasy to switch focusToo much attention to detailMust work remotely


a full-stack developer is simply someone who is familiar with all layers in computer software development. These developers aren’t experts at everything; they simply have a functional knowledge and ability to take a concept and turn it into a finished product. Such gurus make building software much easier as they understand how everything works from top to bottom and can anticipate problems accordingly.
Generalgit, GitHub, BitBucketgrunt w/ common pluginsJS Design PatternsFP, FRP with RxJS*Mocha, Chai, IstanbulFrontendHTML 5, CSS 3, LESS, SASSJavascript, ES6, TypeScriptAngularJS 1.5, ng2*, CordovaJasmine, Karma*, E2E*Fast, Responsive, SecureBackendnodeJs, Express, KOASQL: Oracle, MySql, SQL Serverdoc: ElasticSearch, Firebase, Mongo*RESTful APIs, JWT*, socket.ioDO droplets, nginx, Ubuntu*

Solutions architect, able to look across the entire stack of technologies to develop great usable, solid, scalable web applications. Good at implementing the layers you need to make things work together.

High standard of quality in everything that I do, and believe agile methodologies and test-driven development lead to better applications.

*= apprentice

Latest Projects

KissFM.ro(client)#1 radio station in Romania, 150k DAU, > 2M Likes

Stack: AngularJS 1.3, Laravel, MariaDB

Fully implemented the front-end functionality on provided layout.


Fully customizable layout and design from adminCustom media player (jQuery)Slideshows, Quizes, ContestsCustom Campaigns ModulesUser accounts & Security
MagicFM.ro(client)Blue music for the blue hearted

Stack: AngularJS 1.4, grunt, Laravel, MariaDB

Fully implemented the front-end on strict layout.


Custom content from backendAudio player module (ng)Custom sidebars and sectionsFB Users, Comments, ContestsCustom Campaigns
RockFM.ro(client)As the name states: It Rocks!

Stack: AngularJS 1.4 & friends

Fully implemented the front-end in an extremely modular way, with all interchangeable components


Fully customizable layoutModular layout for all componentsPluggable Audio Player ModuleUser accounts & SecuritySEO Friendly (as all the others :P)
RoundApp.me(startup)Location based unsocial network (startup member)

Stack: AngularJS 1.3, NodeJs, ElasticSearch

Fully implemented the frontend, partly worked on backend. Project didn't make it through the MVP stage :(


Cordova-enabled webappGPS/maps features all the wayPowerful, scalable backendCaching, offline storageMultiple entry points
PreddieCo /ˈpred.ɪ.kəʊ/(hobby)Share your predictions with the rest of the world

Stack: AngularJS 1.5, Material Design, NodeJs, Koa, ElasticSearch

Partly implemented both frontend and backend. Started as a weekend hackathon :)


Material Design specsFB integrationJWT (not fully impl'd)Cordova packagedBad product management :)
CarsCup(startup)Free2Play Cars Manager game

Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql

Took over the already dying project, managed for a few months, couldn't revive it.


Regular website with backend logicFB app with full FB integrationImplemented admin sectionF2P Product ManagementMarketing & Branding plans
whichRx(hobby)Personal project aimed at learning FRP with RxJS while crawling the web

Stack: NodeJS, Koa, RxJS, ElasticSearch, Kibana

Full Implementation of a crawler designed to grab and analyze products and prices. Hope to buy something at a great price :)


Multi router API endpointsFunctional-Reactive styleContent parsing and analysisFailsafe, autorecoveryKibana analytics
Angular AudioPlayer Module(hobby)Angular Audio Module extracted from previous projects, hoping to share with the world

Stack: AngularJS, JS player libraries

Full implementation of a npm audio module. Didn't have the time to finish and deploy


Switch streams to preserve bandwidthCustomizable seek/progress componentCustomizable volume/mute componentMedia eventsAngular style, no jQuery


Active software developer since 2003, went through different kinds of systems and technologies, from VB6 to J2EE, from ASP websites to large scale distributed applications, from systems architect to debugger and tester.

Went wild in modern web as a freelancer in 2013, focusing on modern Javascript technologies and apps.

reciclo2011-2013Technical Manager & Co-owner

Project: Electronic Waste Recycling startup

Client: myself (co-owner)

Stack: Internal Management System, Marketing, Business Development

Tasks: Grow company, attract clients, manage processes and reports

Achievements: The go-to place for eWaste recycling orders, #1 on .ro, still there

IBM Romania2008-2011Senior Software Engineer - Enterprise Applications

Project: eTerra - Nation-wide landbook management

Client: National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration

Stack: J2EE, J2SE, Oracle 10i, HTML/XML/XSLT/CSS

Tasks: System enhancements, scalability, design, DB optimizations, L3 support

Achievements: Solved critical performance issues, boost user experience, maintained and improved an imperfect system.

EEU Software2003-2008Senior Software Developer

Project: Assigned on all kinds of projects, contracted to major software companies

Client: Major software companies, banks, state institutions, also internal tools

Stack: .NET, J2SE, J2EE, JSP, HTML/XML/XSLT/CSS (and some VB6)

Tasks: Designed systems, intranets, implemented banking software, et al.

Achievements: Customer satisfaction all over the place

Romanian Software2001-2003Junior Programmer

Project: Human Resources and Payroll - human resources management

Client: Internal product, sold to big companies

Stack: .NET, Win32

Tasks: Implemented various functionalities by specs

Achievements: Learned a loooot


Radu Bosneag